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Building Brand Awareness

    Building Brand Awareness

    As a small business, you have to run everything yourself to begin with. Have you ever been suffocated just thinking about the amount of work you need to do?

    People tell you that you need to do so many things when starting fresh - but just how much of that do you need from the get go? For instance, you should have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog, and newsletter sign-up more and more? The most important thing before you even dive into all of that is finding where you can effectively attract your target markets. We can help to formulate an action plan with you, so you can focus more other works.

    Let Geo Create strategies for:

    • Effective online marketing methods
    • Helping you set up your social media and providing training for best practice
    • Maximizing brand awareness and boost sales with social media tools
    • Making the best use of your Google Analytics and Social Analytics to increase the potential of new customers

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Building Brand Awareness
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