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KISS – Keep it simple and short

Building a website is the same as establishing your shop in real life. Web hosting is your online land, which your website is going to be built on; it will store and display your products and services online.

What is web hosting?

Tuesday, April 04, 2017
What is a web hosting?

Web hosting is the act of having all your files on a web server. Think of it as a digital real estate that is rented out to have websites (tenants) to live in for x many months, years or until their contract has run out." It's merely space itself. It does not include furnishings like shelves for your products, just as the web-hosting account doesn't include a site for you to sell your products.


Let Geo Create Says:

Let’s pretend that you are a retailer and planning to have a shop. What would you do next? You are going to look for space or an empty shop where you can display and store your products. You could rent or buy a block of land and ask an interior designer to build your shop according to your concept. Building a website is the same as establishing your shop in your real life. So, before you build your website, what do you need? Yes, you need a block of land for your website too. Webhosting is a virtual space which your website is going to be built on; it can store or display your products or what your services are online. After building your website on your web hosting, link your domain to your web hosting so people can find you. There are so many web hosting options out there including some free ones that you can find. Talk to your web designer to see what is the best option for you or contact me.

What is a web hosting?


Let Geo Ask:

Question 1:

Does your web hosting have a value like as your property?


Yes, as you rent or buy your shop with your own name, so just don’t let your web designer or developer own it. You must make sure that you own your hosting, have access to it and that it is under your name.

Question 2:

I purchased web hosting. So, do I have a website now?


No, in most cases, not. You just have a space(block of land) to build your shop, so it is more likely that you don’t have your website yet. However, if you have been asked to start your webhosting with some web templates like Shopify, Wix and Squarespace. Once again, please talk to your web designer or contact me.


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