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We have revamped a Tuff Tool Bags E-Commerce site recently which is on Shopify now.

Revamped Tuff Tool Bags eCommerce Site

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

We have revamped a Tuff Tool Bags eCommerce site recently which is on Shopify now. When Tony and Susan consulted us, we unfolded the pros and cons of BC and Shopify to them by providing substantial pieces of evidence. Let Geo Create recommended them to migrate their previous Business Catalyst website to Shopify because their eCommerce website wasn’t responsive for mobile users and had a single Paypal payment option.

Their main concern was to provide a mobile friendly and cost effective online store. Shopify was the best choice for small eCommerce business store which they acknowledge after consulting us.


new site launch - tuff tool bags

Along with being a mobile-friendly website, Shopify has many other great features for e.g Google likes, Turbo uploading and an opening of web pages, https (secure hosting with your domain and no extra cost) and simple editing options to boost SEO. Most of all, you will like the Shopify because of its easily accessible design elements and effortless updating of your products, shipping details and so on.

Here is a compliment from the client that we love to share with you. 

We were recommended to meet with Geo and thought about upgrading our old website rather than start fresh. Geo was very thorough with their research and very professional and knowledgeable through the entire process.  Read More

Check out Tuff Tool Bags website! Do you still postpone having a mobile friendly e-commerce website?

According to Google reports 47% of all retail search queries in December were conducted on mobile, the demand for mobile-accessible e-commerce sites is rising sharply. With Old conventional Website, you can be losing your customers without knowing what’s happened. Contact Let Geo Create a FREE 30 Minute Consultation how to take your next step.


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