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KISS – Keep it simple and short

What is an email address and email hosting?

Having your email hosting is the same as setting up your own email address, postman and post office. Your own email hosting services, collects and saves your emails on your online space for you and delivers them to you. Also, you can send an email out to your clients through the service. Read More »

What is web hosting?

Building a website is the same as establishing your shop in real life. Web hosting is your online land, which your website is going to be built on; it will store and display your products and services online. Read More »

Just launched a new swimwear website

Enjoy the summer with the latest range of swimwear, beachwear and accessories. Read More »

What is a domain name?

Your domain name is the same thing; the domain is your online address helps people to find you easily on the web. The domain address links your website and people who are looking for your business. Much like a real address, ... Read More »

Do I need to have more than one online presence from the start?

Depending on your strategy and circumstances, you can chose which online presence you are going to use at first. Read More »

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    "We no longer go online, we live online" – That’s what we hear these days. Having your business on online is not an option, since it is necessary step to be successful. We should understand the more time people spend online, the more opportunities you could make money.

    This blog is going to specialise in the start-ups of small business that are not familiar with online terms or technology vocabulary. All posts will be explaining will be explaining with examples of our normal life, so it is easier for you to understand new terms of online. This post will be so basic, If you feel like you need more study, We have put some references there for you.

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